Graduate School Materialium

Ph.D. student at research
Ph.D. student at research

The Graduate School Materialium has been founded by resolution of the Senate of TU Darmstadt on 16th May, 2012, and is currently being built-up. The Materials Science and Geosciences Department’s Materialium Graduate School offers research-oriented, doctorate programs culminating in award of the degree of “Dr.-Ing.” or “Dr. rer. nat.” The programs involved are configured to cover three years.

Materials Science is at the heart of future advanced technological solutions. At TU Darmstadt there are more than 100 Ph.D. students working on scientific research projects in areas such as energy, nanotechnology, functional materials, and materials modeling. The purpose of the Graduate School Materialium is to support these programs and help them to become more successful.

One of the primary goals of Materialium is to encourage an interdisciplinary integration of the various Ph.D. studies between research groups inside and outside of the Materials Science Department.

During specific events, Ph.D. students present their current scientific problems and methods, providing a forum for close interdisciplinary problem solving that stimulates synergy between research groups. Research is always a collaborative enterprise!

Professors of Materialium are committed to supporting their Ph.D. students. For instance, they strongly encourage participation at international conferences and publication in refereed research journals, which is bolstered by the high number of coordinated research programs in Materials Science at TU Darmstadt.

Materialium is a member in Ingenium, the umbrella organisation of graduate schools at TU Darmstadt.